Multi-level Governance Of Mass

multi-level governance of mass migration in europe and beyond (respond)

Regarding policies targeting specific health issues Supplementary Materials, Table S6policy analysis shows that each region regulated the healthcare of ASs at arrival, identifying practices and protocols that LHOs must follow. Populist and Eurosceptic parties soared, profiting from public discontent towards the EU.

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Rome: Edizioni Idos. According to the interviews, these models only focused on syndromic surveillance and they are not related to proper early intake care, even if access to services in case of need is guaranteed. In other words, the paper specifies the potentila channels and mechanisms through which policy makes politics. As emerged in follow-up interviews, the main reasons for accepting violence centered on the notion of a religious duty to defend oppressed fellow Muslims.

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IP when who where why what. On the other, we consider how the introduction of NGEU and its governance built on pre-existing institutional arrangements and procedures such as the Semester and Country Specific Recommendations, together with likewise unchanged legitimacy and sovereignty pooling, may placate or conversely increase the fragility of the EMU in troubled times. Before the submission of their application for refugee status, migrants receive medical assistance managed by local administration.

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Some member states being insensitive to an issue of interdependence or preferring limited and flexible commitments can also trigger such differentiation. Campesi, Giuseppe. The analysis was limited to ASs and refugees in the first period after their arrival in Italy, specifying when policies contain indications towards specific categories such as unaccompanied and separated children UASCpregnant women, adolescents, the elderly, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues and victims of violence and torture.

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Rome has been mentioned several times by the leaders of the Islamic State. The more the European Union assigns values that directly affect European citizens, the more it demands legitimacy. According to EU Guidelines, member states are required to prepare the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in which the national measure should take the gender dimension of the COVID crisis into account and contribute to gender equality. International Politics La governance europea è stata architettata per funzionare, strutturalmente, attraverso la pratica del consenso; questo la espone al potere di veto dei diversi attori e dei molteplici interessi rappresentati nel processo decisionale UE. In: Rechel B.

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This is an unprecedented challenge to our societies, which humanity must face together. Analysing online and print news outlets in Ireland, France and Spain, this paper aims to evaluate justification frames given by EU and national parliamentary actors for and against the trade agreement before and after the election of Bolsonaro. Oltre il Mediterraneo. Beyond the Spectacularization of Border Crossing The multi—layered processes sketched above produce something that clearly diverges from a post—national polity marked by the triumph of rights. An essential component of building an inclusive system is to identify and constantly monitor the compliance with international recommendations and national policies and guidelines, while assessing the health needs of ASs and migrants. Tutto questo avviene in presenza di un impianto normativo che vincola significativamente la capacità di azione degli stati e delega al livello UE le principali scelte in materie sensibili, quale il controllo sulle politiche macroeconomiche nazionali.

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Investigations later revealed that while benefiting from asylum status in Bolzano, Nauroz had allegedly established contacts with radical figures in France, Norway, and Germany. Secondly, the article tracks and unpacks the concept of Global Britain, emerged as the next role the country commerciante di bitcoin 250 play, thought a discourse analysis approach. Condivisioni: 1.

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The sovereign debt and the migration crises made the European project vulnerable, increasing divisions between Northern and Southern countries. Nick Dines. Despite the rapidly growing need t… Altro Evidence from a qualitative research on the Italian case Giuliano Bobba Abstract This paper addresses the issue of the politicization of the European integration process in Italy, focusing in particular on how citizens' attitudes have changed over time. The public health of refugees and migrants cannot be separated from the public health of the population and reflects the urgent need for the health sector to more effectively address the impact of migration and displacement on health [ 25 ]. From July to Februarythe role of the Commission and the European Parliament has become more significant, as the negotiations of the Multiannual Financial Framework were concluded, and legislation on the Recovery and Resilience Facility and other instruments was approved using the Ordinary Legislative Procedure. Discussion This comparative content analysis of regional policies and practices towards ASs allowed for a broader examination of the gaps between regional policies and international and national recommendations, as well as the implementation of policies at the local level and the main model of healthcare adopted by the LHOs.

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Adhering to a refugee-centered approach throughout, RESPOND will bring insights to citizenship, gender and integration studies, ensure direct benefit to refugee communities and provide a basis for more effective policy development. To browse Academia.

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Towards a Refugeeization of the Workforce? In addition, migrants have to travel to other parts of Italy in order to renew their resident permits precisely because their official cfd su azioni fineco remain in the same place where their documents were first issued.

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Rokkan eds. This paper analyses this strategy from a Historical Institutional perspective. Similarly, settlements such as the Grand Ghetto, despite their squalid state, provide migrants with a greater degree of sociality, autonomy, and security than, for instance, abandoned farmhouses in isolated areas Perrotta and Sacchetto In the phase that we have called of 'first politicization' - which goes from the introduction of the single currency to the Great Recession - the integration process was politicized around issues such as membership and constitutional structure, i.

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